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Booking through FethiyeVillaRent means you can book in complete confidence. In the unlikely event that when you arrive your accommodation is not available or is materially different from that displayed on our website then we will reimburse you in full providing certain conditions are met.

Our Renter Protection Policy

We are willing to refund to a Renter who books through our website at www.fethiyevillarent.com any sums paid through our Website in the circumstances listed below under the heading “What qualifies for a refund claim”. In summary, we may refund money you paid to us, if you are unable to occupy the Property or a suitable alternative.


We will only entertain claims under this Policy if the Renter makes the claim strictly in accordance with the terms of the Policy.

Before you make a claim under our Policy

On very rare occasions, something may go wrong with your booking. Before you make a claim under our Policy, you must contact the Owner and seek to resolve the matter, or be able to demonstrate to us that you have used all reasonable efforts to contact the Owner to resolve the matter. This is because when you make a booking, you make a contract with the Owner and it is the Owner who is responsible for ensuring that the Property is provided to you as described in the contract.

It is a condition of our Policy that you act reasonably and fairly in your dealings with the Owner.

When to make a claim under our Policy

If you are unable to resolve the matter with the Owner, or are unable to contact the Owner, having made reasonable efforts to do so, you may make a claim for a refund under our Renter Protection Policy if the matter qualifies for a refund claim under our Policy.

To make a refund claim, the Renter must contact us no later than midday on the day after the day on which you are scheduled to check-in at the Property. We do not entertain claims under our Renter Protection Policy after this time. Our time limit is strict, because if you notify us within this time period, we may be able to withhold payment to the Owner of monies that you paid to us and refund them to you.

What qualifies for a refund claim?

Each of the following circumstances qualifies for a refund claim under our Policy:

  • The Owner cancels the booking prior to check-in; or
  • The Owner fails to provide access to the Property the Renter booked within a reasonable period of time after the time scheduled for check-in and you do not then Stay in the Property or accept reasonably suitable alternative accommodation offered by the Owner; or
  • The Property booked through our website is no longer available due to double booking and the Owner has either not offered a reasonably suitable alternative Property for immediate occupation, or the alternative Property that is offered is not reasonably suitable; or
  • The Property does not exist; or
  • The Renter arrives at the Property and one of the following is not as described on at the time of booking:
    • The number of bedrooms at the Property or the number of persons it sleeps; or
    • The type of accommodation (i.e. villa, house, apartment etc); or
    • The pool type (i.e. shared or private); or
  • The condition of the Property is dangerous to human health and you do not Stay in the Property and you do not accept or are not offered suitable alternative accommodation by the Owner; or
  • There are other material, or substantial, defects in the Property that cannot be resolved or repaired by the Owner promptly and which make or would make the Property uninhabitable during your Stay and you do not then Stay at the Property or accept reasonably suitable alternative accommodation offered by the Owner.

Assisting us

It is a condition of our Policy and of our obligation to make a refund that the Renter, and members of the Renter’s party, use all reasonable efforts to assist us to verify that you qualify for a refund claim in accordance with our Policy. We recommend that you make a note of what has happened and, as appropriate, obtain the names and contact details of everyone that is involved and take photographs to substantiate what has gone wrong.

What can you claim for?

You can only claim a refund of monies that have been paid to us for booking the Property via our website. Our Policy does not cover any monies that you pay to the Owner or anyone else directly, or any of the other costs or losses that you incur.


You must tell us if you make or intend to make a claim for a refund from your credit card or debit card provider. If you do so, we will not be eligible to make a payment to you under this Policy.

Making a claim

To make a claim you must contact us no later than 12:00 GMT on the day after your scheduled check in at the Property with the following information:

  • The name of the Renter;
  • The address of the Property you booked;
  • A contact number for you;
  • The email address your booking was made under;
  • Your booking reference number;
  • Your check in and out dates;
  • Your reason for refund claim;
  • Any photographic evidence and notes you have of what has gone wrong; and
  • Confirmation that you have not and will not make a claim for a refund from your credit card or debit card provider or other provider of finance.


We only make refunds in the currency that you paid us in.

Our contact details

You may contact us to make a refund claims as follows:

Monday to Friday 8:30 and 17:30 GMT: 00 90 252 000 0000 or click here to contact us

Out of hours (Friday 17:30 to Monday 8:30 GMT): click here to contact us

Claims received out of hours will be made a priority on Monday morning

After you make a claim

We assess each claim on an individual basis. Once a claim has been submitted we will be in contact within 48 hours to discuss the next steps.

Making a refund

We will deal only with the person who made the booking and will make any refund to the credit card, debit card or other payment system that was used to make payments to us on behalf of the Owner and in the currency in which you made the payment.

Though we use all reasonable efforts to make refunds promptly, we will only make a refund payment after we, acting reasonably, are satisfied that the conditions of our Policy are met.

Amendments to our Policy

We may, in our sole discretion, make changes to this policy from time to time. We will display clearly on our website when our Policy has changed.

Governing law and jurisdiction

This Policy and any claims that are made under it are subject to the laws of Turkey. You agree that all claims arising under the Policy or in connection with it, howsoever arising, shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Turkey.


In this Policy:

Owner means any one of (i) the person who owns the Property or, if there is more than one owner, the owner who is authorised to rent the Property via the Website, (ii) an agent for the person(s) who own the Property.
Policy refers to this Policy.
Property means a hotel, apartment block, apartment, house, villa, or other building or accommodation including any premises, any swimming pool, ancillary building and annex, made available for temporary occupation by a Renter via our Website.
Renter means the person who makes the booking to stay in a Property via our Website
Renter’s Party means the individuals named in the booking contract as those who will occupy the Property on a temporary basis (including any additional person(s) or substitute person(s) agreed with the Owner).
Stay means the period during which the Renter or member of the Renter’s Party agrees to occupy the Property on a temporary basis.
We/us/our refers to …………, a private company, limited by shares and incorporated in Turkey under number ……., whose registered office is at Emlakcılar Birliği , Fethiye Belediyesi, Esnaf Sanatkarlar Ofisi. Reference to FethiyeVillaRent shall be deemed to include a reference to its successors and assigns.
Website refers to www.fethiyevillarent.com and any other website operated by us.